Understanding and fixing the problems with your diet plan

If you have been dieting with all your willpower and still failing to get your mojo to work, you might want to reconsider your diet plan. It is common for people to fall victim to some dieting myths and end up in failure.

While you might be eliminating all your favorite food with less desirable options, you must instead focus on incorporating healthier food that you actually like in your diet plan. Here are some common reasons that even the most hard-set diet plans fail to produce results.

Some reasons why diet plans fail

  1. Going on a no-carb and no-fat diet

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Going completely no-carb or no-fat is probably the worst decision to make. A no-carb diet is never sustained over a longer period of time, resulting in a rapid weight gain of the few pounds that you had lost by starving your body. The healthier way to lose weight by diet management is to include all the minerals, vitamins, nutrients in healthy proportions in a diet. Try to consume fruits with healthy fats and the right amount of carbs, instead of completely abandoning these.

  1. Diet-soda


Studies say that diet-soda drinkers had 178 times more chances of increase in waist circumference over 10 years. Dietdrinks contain a high amount of artificial sweeteners like aspartame. This will increase the calorie level and cause the liver to convert it into fat for storage. It also increases insulin levels and decreases blood sugar levels causing an increase in appetite.

  1. Eating after exercise

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After exercising for an hour or more, rewarding yourself with a calorie-rich food item later will result in weightgain. This happens when you overestimate your calorie burn and underestimate the calories from your diet. This is precisely why experts advise everyone who works out to keep a track of their calories.

  1. Skipping on meals

Skipping on meals

If you skip a meal, your body decides that the food is scarce and this consequently triggers a mechanism of slowing down of metabolism. A slow metabolism equals no calorie burn. This is why it is essential that the body is regularly fed with a healthy diet. A well-planned diet with a caloric count will make sure that your metabolism stays high.

  1. Eliminating things you love eating

Eliminating things you love eating

People with low self-control tend to slip more easily than the contrary. Instead of replacing all the food you like with the lesser-delicious items is a big mistake. Instead, opt for controlling a number of your favorite items and downregulate the unhealthy items. Instead,add the dishes that are healthy and nutritive and also fit your liking.

Things to consider for an ideal diet plan

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There are many things that are essential for the success of a diet plan. The first most important tip is to get moving. You can start with smaller physical activities and then move to a more intense workout. Dieting without exercise is as good as nothing. Unless you boost your metabolism to burn the stored fat, you will not see the scale going any lower when you weigh yourself. Remember to stay motivated and focused, this can be done by getting tools to track your progress and getting a cheering team.

Your friends can cheer you on and a high-set standard can keep you motivated, even on the lower days. There is a strong relation between emotional fluctuations and binge eating. Stress/ Depression/ loneliness/ boredom can all cause overeating. These can be controlled to a point by staying occupied with hobbies and giving the body a regular work out as it gets the adrenaline pumping.

Other tips for dieters

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There are many other diet tips that can all work together with your will power and hard work to reap results. Drink a glass of hot water with a slice of lemon early in the morning. It is still debated if this gets the calories burning or simply boosts metabolism, but either way, it is healthy. Additionally, if you have a regular social life then you must always plan ahead of a big party or dinner.

Look through the restaurant’s menu beforehand and make sure you know exactly what to order without ditching your diet. Remember, if you slip in between and overindulge, do not wait for the next lunar eclipse before you start getting back on track again. Begin again the very next morning and stay confident.

Going on a diet is like riding a bike up a steep hill. The uphill journey may be exhausting and you might even end up dragging yourself up, but a persistent and focused attitude can bear success.

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