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IDA – Indian Dental Association working proactively to raise dental health awareness among Indian masses

You’d hear or see people around talking about dental hygiene and the need for adopting a proactive stance to fight tooth decay; however, are all of them proactive enough to practice what they preach? Here, in this article, we would love to take the opportunity to tell you about the findings of dental surveys carried out in last five years. While most surveys point out people’s unwillingness to seek proper dental care, others paint a morbid picture of willingly induced decision to not take any action until it’s too late.

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Colgate – IDA survey reveals shocking facts about the sorry state of oral hygiene in India

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Of course, it’s quite believable to understand that not all can afford dental care. Nevertheless, it’s something mind-boggling and somewhat incomprehensible to find out that even those who can afford dental checkups avoid them to save money; and, the tally of such people is 77 percent of all populace. The study conducted by Colgate and Indian Dental Association (IDA) in 2014 further reveals that 64 percent people actually consider visiting a dentist not before they’ve got cavities.

Despite understanding the benefits of routine dental checkups, people just cannot buy the idea of practicing it seriously. The survey reveals that 84 percent actually understood the importance of dental checkups; however, 47 percent of them never visited a dentist.

IMRB survey reiterates people’s unwillingness to seek dental care

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According to a survey carried out by the Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) in 2012, a whopping 53 percent of Indians never consider visiting a dentist for dental problems; instead, they prefer relying on the advices of chemists and general practitioners. Well, as if it wasn’t enough, some of these folks use some sort of home remedies.

Being a strictly consumer attitude survey, the research reveals that only 49 percent of people take the trouble of using toothbrush and toothpaste. Other interesting findings of the survey reveal that the number of people brushing their teeth twice a day is just 28 percent, which undeniably is not a healthy figure. Furthermore, 34 percent of them believe that it’s not imperative for anyone at all to brush more than once a day.

Lack of awareness about dental / oral hygiene

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Oral hygiene, thus, has taken the backseat for reasons that are rooted in our half-baked beliefs and not-so-scientific way of life. Could you even imagine that around 65 percent of folks questioned during the survey had no idea of how our eating habits could pose minor to serious dental issues.

According to Dr Ashok Dhoble, the honorary secretary general of the IDA, “Chewing a sugar-free gum immediately after eating could supplement the oral care routine. It could easily help reduce the risk of cavities.”

Dr Dhoble further states that other issues arising out of improper dental care could further affect other body organs. Through our blood stream, the disease-causing bacteria can travel to other organs of human body and create severe medical conditions.

For example, periodontitis could be a probable reason behind the onset of a host of coronary artery diseases. Similarly, gum diseases have a direct correlation with diabetes.

IDA putting forth sterling efforts to raise oral health awareness

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Dr Dhoble states that dental decay and cavities is a common issue with 70-80 percent children in India. The number of people affected with such dental problems increases as they grow up. Accordingly, around 80 to 90 percent adults are suffering with various types of gum diseases. Other shocking revelations made by Dr Dhoble say that in the year 2013, only 4.5 percent of Indians actually visited dentists regularly.

Despite all bottlenecks and laid-back attitude of commoners, Indian Dental Association considers it their foremost duty to go to the masses, listen to their dental issues, and provide solutions to alleviate their dental problems. Every year, IDA reaches out to people in different parts of the country through several of their initiatives. The association conducts oral checkups on at least 30-40 lakh children in different Indian schools in the month of October alone. Since October is the Oral Health Month, IDA ensures to raise awareness through more than 2000 tobacco prevention centers and 160 dental health centers.

Furthermore, IDA Impact India Foundation is doing a commendable job in providing dental checkups and cures to rural and tribal folks of the nation. It has further signed MoUs with the likes of Star and Bajaj Allianz to initiate cheaper dental health schemes.

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