Secrets to faster growing beautiful hair

The fashion and style that we follow largely depends upon our fleeting impulses of enthusiasm. It is like one moment we like something, and the next moment we do not. It goes for our hairstyles. Women love to have long hair, but sometimes the short and cute bob cut impresses them, for which they get their long lustrous strands chopped. That does work exceptionally well, but does not change the preference for long strands that many women have. They go on a lookout for numerous ideas and procedures that might help them grow hair fast. Well, if you find this above situation to be something like yours, and you are also looking for ways to get back your long hair as soon as possible then read further and find out some very effective ways that can help you grow your hair faster:

Protein is the key

Beautiful hair one cannot only get with those outside beauty massages and by applying hair masks, but it requires a healthy body from inside. Along with all the outer beauty procedures, a healthy diet and intake of enough proteins is extremely important, and then only you can actually have hair that you always dream to have. Food makes tremendous difference to your hair, as in a healthy diet gives you long, healthy, and lustrous hair, and a poor diet makes your hair frizzy, brittle, and stunted growth.

Protein is a nutrient that is most important for hair, as it makes hair grow faster, healthier, and stronger. Try to include sufficient amounts of protein in your diet, which you can do by adding eggs, fish, chicken, nuts, and red meat.

Care is very important

You just cannot have healthy and long hair if you do not take good care of your hair. You have to keep them in good condition if you want them to be healthy. Ensure regular trimming so that you keep split ends at bay because split ends are true enemy of healthy hair. Every now and then go for hair spas, you can apply good hair masks that suit your hair type on your own as well, no need to visit a parlor.

The best hair mask that you can make on your own is the mixture of an egg yolk, honey, some vodka, and extra virgin olive oil. Massage it into the roots down to the lengths and let it be there for half an hour. This mask will make your hair shinier and softer. If you do not like egg then you can make a mixture of coconut oil, almond oil, and honey, which gives equally good results.

Massage and brush

Hair massage and brushing are other important factors that help hair grow fast and these keep hair healthy. Before shampooing your hair, always oil massage your scalp with fingers, so that the blood circulation increases in the scalp, which eventually makes hair strong and lustrous. Brushing is also very good for hair; it has similar benefits as that of a hair massage. Gently brush your hair say twice a day, it improves blood circulation in the hair follicles.

Hair care while you sleep

Many women do not give importance to hair care while sleeping, which is wrong. Our hair demand as much care in the night as they do during the day. Women think that it is good to have a tight ponytail or a braid, especially while sleeping, as a good way that prevents hair breakage. However, the reality is something else; you should never sleep with a tight braid or a pony, as it causes hair breakage and pain in the scalp.


The rate of hair growth depends largely on genetics, but certainly there are some other factors and tricks that help one to grow hair faster and healthier.

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