Scientists bolster soda consumption and diabetes link

high fructose corn syrup used in soda linked to diScientists for decades are all set to aware people against the myth associated with diabetes that eating sweets or the wrong kind of food lead to its cause, but, it is only obesity caused by such diet that may lead to the disease.

For experts now, who are still all set with the ‘noble awareness’ in a big way, may have to either back-track or take the opposite way, if not for all those sweetened food staffs!

Yes, scientists have recently revealed that soft drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup may actually be a culprit in developing diabetes, especially in children. The curse is all in that commonly consumed carbonated beverages.

It has been found that drinks containing the syrup had high levels of reactive compounds – the well established potential cell and tissue damage-triggering element. The compound can even lead diabetes to epidemic levels.

With the newfound contribution of high-fructose corn syrup in increasing diabetes risk as well as obesity, disputations may kick up in the food industry.

But, along with it, the finding would surely raise brows of common people when that ‘table sugar’ comes in to question.

So, it’s important to mention that these tissue-damaging reactive carbonyls are not found in table sugar.


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