Libido-restoring, impotence-curing pills may damage kidneys, trigger hypertension, experts warn

testosterone pills could lead to high blood pressu

Middle-aged men can now get the kind of sex life they had back in their 20s. Thanks to the testosterone pills flooded in the market that can not just restore libido, but also act as an impotence cure for 95 percent of men going through andropause or male menopause.

True, the miracle pill can turn the clock back for men — but at what cost?

If you are pausing to find that, it’s your kidneys!

Yes, a new study has found that the testosterone supplements which help aging men feel and look better on one hand, could
lead to kidney damage and even worsen hypertension-triggering high blood pressure on the other.

Dr. Radu Iliescu, of University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson told Reuters in a telephone interview;

Because chronic cardiovascular disease, like hypertension or kidney disease, is related to a sharp decrease in testosterone, a lot of doctors also prescribe testosterone to men who suffer from heart disease.

Since, the effects of testosterone on the cardiovascular system have never been done by a well-controlled clinical study; this new research eventually gains importance in revealing the contribution of testosterone to hypertension as well as renal diseases – which may help researchers reduce the case-numbers of both the diseases.


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