Satisfy your craving for junk food without eating it

Having a habit of eating healthy is a good habit that everybody should maintain. Though, eating healthy does not always mean to avoid your favorite food. We all crave our favorite food, no matters how unhealthy it is. Some called them naughty foods as naughty means unusual behavior. Junk foods are unusual foods that ideally should not be included in anyone’s routine meal, but more often than not, we cannot stop junk food cravings.

Following, we have some methods and recipes that can satisfy our junk food craving:


Various methods can help you to deal with your naughty food habits. Some of them are as follows:


Exercise is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle and living. You should devote at least 20 minutes for exercise and activities like yoga, walk, and gym. This can also help you to burn extra calories and fats that you have stored by eating unhealthy.

Find substitutes

Finding substitutes is the best option to stop eating unhealthy always. You can substitute butter with peanut butter, fried food with baked food and more. Junk food substitutes are not always healthy but they have less bad health effects than basic junk foods.

Prefer small amounts

Eating everything at once is not good as it can lead to indigestion and various problems. Eating in small amounts can be better. If you will eat junk food in small amounts then it will not harm you much and can help in proper digestion. Small amount does not mean to eat less it mean to cut on sugar and oil.

Find solutions

Once you know what is bad for your health and what is good, then you can easily find solutions for it. The first thing that you can do is to choose healthy food in your regular diet. There are various possible solutions for every problem and you just have to find them. You have to be patient and can have substitutes in the place of unhealthy junk food.

Healthy food substitutes to satisfy your food craving

There are various solutions for this problem and food substitutes are also one of them.

Baked chips

Baked chips can be great option and they can also satisfy your desire for chips. Fried chips can add extra fat and calories to your body. Baked chips do not include low fat or no fat and can be a healthy and light snacks alternative.

Dry fruits

Chocolates can add fabulous taste to your tongue. Unfortunately, they are rich in calories and excess chocolate can have adverse effects on your health. Dry fruits can be a great substitute of this problem as they are healthy enough and can satisfy your chocolate craving.

Whole-wheat banana bread

If you are a cake lover then it is better to avoid cake as it can have various bad effects on your health. They contain refined sugar, which can easily increase your calorie count up to 300. You can replace it with whole grain banana bread because it is healthy enough and can provide you fibers.

Low calorie food and drinks

Sportspersons often require energy drinks, it provides them enough energy but also increase their calorie intake. They can replace their drinks with low calorie energy drinks. It can help them maintain their energy level and health as well. Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine that can lead to problems like sleeplessness, irritability, and nervousness. It is better to opt for energy drinks that contain no caffeine.


It is not always easy to avoid junk food craving but, you can satisfy them by opting certain methods. Several food substitutes like whole-wheat banana bread, dry fruits, and low calorie drinks can help you to choose healthy food.

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