Corporate demand boosts the concept of fixed rate surgeries

The trend of striking a deal with hospitals has become quite popular in the corporate sector. It helps them make bundle payments for the surgeries of the employees. All major companies have considered this prospect of fixed-rate0 surgeries as it helps the companies to save in a larger way.

Deals such as bundled payments and fixed rate surgeries create a win-win situation for all. These deals are struck with top-notch hospital chains so that quality healthcare is not compromised. These deals are generally preferred for a reason that this allows us to save in monetary terms. The hospitals also benefit from such deals as they have an increased influx of patients, which increases their global image and helps build their trusted name.

It is all well planned

This deal is well planned and well designed so that all those involved benefits from it. The employers and hospitals sign an agreement stating that the employees and their families may travel to any particular hospital or medical center for the surgery needed. The hospitals commit to accepting bundled payments for the surgeries that are fixed rate on a prior basis. The hospitals also commit to providing excellent healthcare, pre, and post-surgical care. The cost of the entire procedure is quite cost-effective and helps employees to save; therefore, they willingly travel to these hospitals and agree to pay for their travel expenses.

Big companies, bigger hospital chains

This concept is very popular amongst the major market leaders such as PepsiCo, Wal-Mart, Johns Hopkins, etc. These companies make sure that they make a deal with a well-reputed hospital chain that is accredited by the Joint Commission International. They make sure that their employee gets the best of healthcare services and helps him to save as well. These fixed-rate services help big hospital chains to partner with major corporate industries, this builds a name for the hospital and for the company it is associated with as well.

Walmart Played a Smart Game:

Walmart indeed played a smart game by signing a pact with six hospital chains, so that its employees can be treated for everything from cardiac ailments to spinal injuries. Walmart has committed to pay for the travel expenses of its employees and they will not have to pay for any consultation in the hospital. This bundled payment and fixed-rate surgeries agreement has significantly reduced healthcare costs for Walmart employees.

Summary: Bundled Payments and fixed-rate surgery agreements between the top end companies and reputed hospital chains have significantly reduced the cost of healthcare for the employees and have helped earn a good name for the hospital and the medical center, which is providing high-quality healthcare services under the agreement signed.

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