How Quinoa helps in maintaining good health

Quinoa, also known as buckwheat, is a whole grain that is highly nutritious for our bodies. Many people consume cooked quinoa instead of starchy rice and add it to several other dishes they prepare. Quinoa is actually a seed that we can cook without wasting any time. Let us look at some of its health benefits.


High nutrition content

According to several food studies, quinoa has some extraordinarily nutritious qualities as compared to other whole grains. It not only contains rich amounts of protein, but also provides a healthy balance of amino acids. Enriched with vitamin E, Quinoa’s additional properties, such as freeze stability and viscosity, make it an excellent ingredient for food manufacturing companies. Thus, it offers a great nutritional balance that nourishes us.

Antioxidants supplier

It is a tested fact that quinoa supplies more antioxidants when added to other gluten-free foods. It actually raises the content of polyphenol in those products. While it adds to the nutrition to your breads, it is a better antioxidant supplier when in its sprouted form.

A balanced food item

Quinoa has a good balance of different food components. It is considered a balanced food item that not only nourishes us by supplying good amounts of fiber and protein, but also with a high amount of iron and calcium. Quinoa is known for producing low amounts of triglycerides and free fatty acids in the body. Thus, it is healthier to consume as compared to breads and pastas.


Diabetes manager

Due to quinoa’s high antioxidant activity, it is extremely suitable for managing Type II diabetes. It is rich in quercetin antioxidant that plays an important role in controlling diabetes. People suffering from this disease should have a regular intake of quinoa in order to manage their problem and to control their hypertension.

Appetite controller

According to various comparative studies done on quinoa, rice, wheat and other whole grains, it was found that quinoa is the most satiating of them all. This means that quinoa can control one’s appetite for a longer time span as compared to other breads. It also controls further calorie consumption by people. During such studies, people consuming wheat bread or rice did not cut down on their calorie intake during their next meals, while those consuming quinoa did so. Thus, quinoa could also help you reduce or manage your body weight.


Quinoa is such a magical food that offers us a healthy balance of several nutrients, while supplying a good amount of antioxidants when mixed with other gluten-free food products.

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