Proteins found in spinal fluid raise hope of Alzheimer's detection!

A latest study has showed a new ray of hope for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Actually, researchers, in their preliminary study, have detected a pattern of 23 proteins, which floats in spinal fluid of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease. The detection of these proteins found in spinal fluid of such patients has motivated researchers to go further with their study in hope of finding some better solution to this abominable disease.

Researchers examined about 2,000 proteins found in the spinal fluid of 34 people, who died of Alzheimer’s disease and now they are comparing these fluids with the spinal fluid of the people with no symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

We must hope that this new research, aiming at better detection of Alzheimer’s disease come out true so, we could be able to add a new chapter in the treatment of patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Image credit: Nature


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