Loss of height linked to heart attack and death

It is well known that with the passage of time we lose our height , but in case you lose more than 3 cm of your height, it means you are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and even to death. A new study by the researchers in UK has wrapped out this fact after studying about 4,200 men. According to these researchers, height loss up to 3 cm means 64 percent higher chances of heart attack and death.

Actually, this study was a part of the British Regional Heart Study that roofed men between the ages 60 to 70 for more than 20 years for the research and concluded that average height loss among these people was just 1.67 cm. However, about 1,400 men lost their height more than 2 cm. As the exact reason behind the occurrence is still not revealed, we cannot conclude anything concrete right now.

Via: BBC

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