PAP can help reverse memory problems in patients with sleep apnea!

A new study has come out with a good news for people with sleep apnea. This preliminary study has revealed that treating patients with sleep apnea by using positive airway pressure (PAP) can help them a lot in improving their memory. Actually, this new study has a strong base to prove this fact.

During the course of study, which stretched to three months, researchers studied about 179 people with sleep apnea, who were ramified into three groups. However, the interesting thing about this study was that where first group used PAP just for 2 hours per night (poor users), second group used PAP 2 to 6 hours per night (moderate users) and third group used PAP for about 6 months per night (optimal users).

Finally, these researchers uncovered the results, which state that where poor users achieved normal memory performance by 21 percent while the percentage of this memory regain was 44 percent and 68 percent respectively for moderate users and optimal users.

Results, which loom out of this study, are really very convincing and affirms the belief that using PAP can be a good way for people with sleep apnea.

Image credit: BBB

Via: Reuters

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