Chronic cough leads to depression!

Chronic cough can result in depression, doctors at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical center has come out uncovering this fact. Before coming up with this conclusion, doctors studied about 100 patients with chronic cough, these patients had to complete a 20-item depression questionnaire, and ultimately doctors concluded that 53 of the patients with chronic cough had symptoms of clinical depression. Then these patients underwent medical treatment for chronic cough for about three months and once again, these patients passed through the same questionnaire but this time results that sprang out were quite different. Means patients with reduced cough also had lower symptoms of clinical depression.

These doctors believe that there can be many factors responsible for nourishing depression symptoms in patients with chronic cough. First, chronic cough disrupt sleep and prompts nausea. Secondly, people with chronic cough avoid going public places, since they believe that they will cough severely, which results in their aloofness. Chronic cough also thwart relations with partners or co-workers. Doctors believe that all these factors ultimately lead to clinical depression. Chronic cough should not be taken lightly and a person should contact a doctor as soon as possible.

Via: CBS News

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