Pedicure tips to pamper your feet at home

As life gets busy, it becomes a task to find some time to visit a salon in order to pamper yourself. Talking about women, they get married, go to office, have kids, and as the responsibilities keep on increasing, they start ignoring their own self, which should not be so. With the burden of all these responsibilities women still can care and pamper themselves at home itself. This article intends to provide some pedicure tips to all the busy women out there who cannot take out time to visit salon but can make their pedicure at home as professional and pampering just like the one we get at a salon.

Soak them well

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Sometimes women doing pedicure at home tend to ignore the first step, i.e. soaking feet well. If you are doing a pedicure at home that does not mean you can ignore some steps, you ought to soak your feet well because it is imperative, as it cleanses your feet and make them feel so soft. Exfoliation is a part of pedicure, and soaking feet well does majority of the exfoliation. Add a few drops of rosemary oil (it freshens your feet), Epsom salt (it rejuvenates skin), and a teaspoon of tea tree oil (to shoo away stinking bacteria) in the warm water. Now soak your feet for good ten minutes and let the oils and salt do their work.

Take off the old nail polish


Before you soak your feet, take off the old nail polish there on your nails. Use a nice mild remover to remove all traces of your last pedicure or a nail polish you had applied some days back. Use cotton pads to remove nail polish and not cotton balls, as balls tear off and stick on the rigid nail paint on nails. Acetone and alcohol free nail paint remover work best to remove light shades and do not dry nails but for the darker shades, you will have to use the ones with acetone and alcohol.

Trim and file

filing your nails.

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After a nice soak, dry your feet with a towel and start trimming and filing your nails. Never cut a nail in one go because you might cut your nail too close to the skin this way and it hurts very bad, at least three cuts per nail are good. Use emery board or file to file your nails, ensure that you file nails in one direction. To shape and smooth the nails, use coarser and the fine grade surface.

Take off cuticles and dead skin

pumice stone to remove dead skin

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Your feet skin is all-soft after a nice soak you did at the start, now apply some nice cuticle cream on the base of nails. Use a pumice stone to remove dead skin on your heels, balls of the feet, and ankles. Do not rub it too hard but just enough that takes off all the dead skin. Wipe off the cuticle cream and take out cuticles with a cuticle remover. If required, you can use an old toothbrush to scrape off dirt and filth stuck in the corners and underneath your toenails.

Moisturize and polish

Moisturize FEET

After all the scrubbing is done, give your feet a nice massage with a moisturizer. After moisturizing your feet well, clean the nails with a cotton pad so that there is no cream left on them that could hamper application of nail polish. Apply a transparent or a light color base coat, and then one coat of nail paint color you fancy. Let it dry and then apply a second coat. You could apply a thin top coat of clear nail polish to give your pedicure a nice lustrous finish.

Pampering your feet at home is excessively easy, as it saves your time, money, and gives you the salon like appeal to your feet.

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