Fall in love the healthy way – Maintaining health while working out with your spouse

Finding the perfect gift for your spouse or your special one could be a daunting task. You would naturally want to gift something that is not only liked by your partner, but something that is useful and would be remembered for years to come. What could be a better gift than good health?

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No, we are not talking about gifting a coupon for a complete health check-up or some energy supplements. We are talking about physical fitness and complete well-being. Enrolling yourself and your spouse to a gym or an exercise regime would not be as romantic as a candle light dinner or a diamond, but you would be surprised to see the benefits!

Strengthens emotional bond and increases closeness

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Being fit, energetic and enthusiastic only means that you have more spirit and liveliness to share and this can increase the sense of togetherness and closeness. Be it a workout in the gym or a long walk in the park, exercising with your partner means accomplishing a difficult task and this strengthens the emotional bond as a couple. Studies show that after sharing a fitness goal, taking a run together or joining a zumba class, couples report feeling more satisfied and more in love with their partner increasing the quality of a romantic relationship.

Helps you achieve your fitness goals

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A genuine health related comment by your spouse can boost your moral and make you push yourself harder to reach a certain goal. When couples care about their own health and the health of their partner, it becomes easier to achieve fitness goals.

You get to spend more time with your partner

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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle where both the partners are working and have an equally hectic schedule, it might get tough to spend some quality time together. Working out as a couple is a perfect way to spend time with your partner and nurture not just health but also your relationship. Exercising together in the morning could set the tone of the whole day and exercise in the evening can help in relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day at work. Either way, it helps in spending some quality time together.

Keeps you motivated and committed

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The local gym and the park in the next lane are filled with people in the beginning of the year. With every New Year, a lot of resolutions are made and broken within the first couple of weeks! Yes, continuing exercise is one of the hardest parts. It becomes much easier if you have someone enroll for your fitness regime along with you. Having your better half on the same workout schedule can act as a great motivator and help you get out of bed in the morning. The two-person support can help a great deal to keep your fitness regime going on, more so when that support is your loved one.

Stress reduction

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Stress at work or in relationship is something that we all want to deal with. But why would you want to deal with something negative? The idea should be to get rid of this negative emotion and exercise does just that! Working out with your partner is a great way to release the pent up frustration and feel happy and relaxed. Regular exercise enhances and mood and reduces the flight or fight response to stress, which means lesser chances of getting into unnecessary arguments helping in a happier and healthier long-term marriage.

Exercising as a couple not just strengthens your muscles but also the bond with your partner and this bond will last much longer than in the gym. One of the best things you should do for your marriage is striving to become a healthier and happier couple. Go for it!

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