Osteopenia diet

Osteoporosis is a term used to define a situation where bones start to become weak and frail. It is the condition where bones start suffering from severe problems. In most of the cases, exercise, healthy eating habits and quitting smoking can act as treatment for this vulnerable disease.

Beginning stage patients can be treated by making them follow Osteopenia Diet. However, if the disease gets worse then you might have to consider medication along the diet.

Osteopenia Diet

The diet is quite simple and easy to begin with. It is primarily based on calcium and vitamin intake. By ensuring the appropriate intake of these two essentials, you can start your way back to health.

Calcium Old bones are replaced by new bones in their life cycle. In the case of Osteoporosis, old bones seem to break down at a faster rate while the new bones are formed. The bone cycle gets disturbed which is why the patients have to suffer from health issues. Inadequate calcium supply is one of the main reasons for the development of this disease.

The best source to gain calcium intake is to start consuming milk, calcium-rich products, green vegetables, and dairy products. Patients between 19 – 49 years should have 1000mg calcium intake whereas 50years above patients should consume 1200mg calcium daily.

Vitamin D

It is the second most important need of the human body when suffering from osteoporosis. Your daily goal should be to consume 400 to 800IU vitamin D on daily basis. Eating margarine, butter, fish, oysters, cereals, bread, fortified foods and dairy foods is a good option when you are looking to increase your vitamin D intake. You might be recommended to consume higher amount of vitamin D intake. For this purpose, you can depend on supplements.

Alcohol consumption must be stopped immediately. Smoking is another habit to give up. By following the Osteopenia Diet, you can recover from this chronic disease in few months.

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