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Older lean women, be aware of alcohol! It can double your uterus-cancer risk

alcohol may bump risk of cancer of womb

The most common gynecologic cancers in the United States, the endometrial cancer – the malignancy forming in the tissue lining the uterus – effects over 35,000 women each year in the U.S. The National Cancer Institute has estimated 39,080 new cases and an astounding 7,400 deaths in the United States alone in 2007.

But, what is concerning researchers most is the killer disease’s increasing numbers. The help find a solution to the gruesome problem, researchers have come up with decoding the roots of the disease’s development – alcohol.

It is found that older women, with a habit of consuming two or more alcoholic drinks a day, suffer double the risk of endometrial cancer, than their non-alcohol consuming counterparts.

The endometrial cancer or uterine corpus, the most common cancer of the female reproductive system, accounts for approximately 6 percent of all cancers in women, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Not just that! A lean woman who consumes alcohol is more prone to endometrial cancer compared to her any obese post-menopausal counterpart.

So, if you are aged beyond 50s and are lean, bid an uncompromising goodbye to that ‘killer-sip’ or suffer the rest of your life from the excruciating disease.


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