Honey can help you to stay and look young

honey could make you look young
Wow you know one thing honey is going to keep you young forever if you include it in your diet, so it sounds good — yeah. Now everyone can protect themselves from the effects of ageing by just consuming honey. It is natural remedy which can help you in many ways due to its health-promoting supplements if you use it. Vitamins, minerals, & amino acids present in honey. Honey has multiple of health benefits but keeping you young is very significant property of honey.

The researchers — Lynne Chepulis & Nicola Starkey brought up their subjects (rats) on diets that have — 10% honey, 8% sucrose, or on diets that were also without sugar for almost 12 months. The subjects were of 2 months at the beginning of this experiment & were evaluated in every 3 months by undergoing those tests which were prepared for knowing and monitoring their uneasiness & spatial memory.

Researchers feed one group of rats with honey and other group with sucrose. It was found that rats who consumed honey stayed and passed their time in the open area of an evaluation puzzle for at least twice in comparison to rats who have consumed sucrose; it shows that those rats who were fed with honey were found to be less worried. Those rats were also making their move towards the novel area of the Y-shaped puzzle that has network of paths, showing that they are fully aware of where they were before & thus had quite good spatial memory.

Foods which were made sweet by the use of honey could prove to be quit helpful in reducing uneasiness & thus it improves your memory during the period of ageing.

These latest discoveries can be because of the antioxidant characteristics of honey that had been earlier shown and explained in case of human beings.

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