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Mediterranean Diet: An Alzheimer's life expectancy booster

mediterranean diet boosts alzheimers life expectan

If you are looking for a heart-healthy eating plan, the Mediterranean diet might be just the right for you — incorporating the basics of healthy eating and the flavorful olive oil and a glass of good red wine.

To encourage you to shift on to the Mediterranean’s traditional cooking style, here is yet another good reason – it helps you live longer, especially and importantly, those suffering from the debilitating Alzheimer’s disease.

Most of the Alzheimer’s patients who include fruit, vegetables, bread, wheat and other cereals in their diet, including the flavoring olive oil, fish, and perhaps a glass of red wine, or even closely adhere to the traditionally cooked Mediterranean diet, have a considerably reduced risk of dying form the disease.

Compared to an Alzheimer’s patients’ dependence on a Western diet, one’s Mediterranean diet-based eating habit is found to amazingly have a 76 percent reduced risk of dying for the debilitating disorder.

With dietary changes having a large impact on our health, it is wiser to go for the diet of a region with fewer people dying from either heart disease or Alzheimer’s.

But the question arises — is it whether the diet itself or other lifestyle factors that account for the lower deaths from diseases? – as it is also said that Mediterranean diet may benefit arthritis sufferers.


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