Obesity epidemic: Personal solutions to a global issue

Thanks Judy for your three-pronged approach towards obesity epidemic. Nevertheless, I think that you are needlessly overstretching the issue of obesity to the domains of medical science. May be, you will agree with me if I say that the tone of your post reflects the depression that obesity can bring about. Are you aware of the fact that you are depressed?
Tim’s posting on What is obesity and how you can beat it?will give you and the likes of yours a simple way out. Still I would like to point out that Atkins and South beach are passing fads. Dieting involves taking a balanced diet, which means taking more of what your body requires and less of what it does not. Moreover, simple changes in your lifestyle will make all the difference.
It is better to consult a good dietician and a fitness therapist who will tell you what exactly you must do to reduce – the definition of obesity differs from individual to individual. Thanks Tim

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