NZ surgeons aren't exposing underlying risks of breast implants

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Despite the fact that breast implant has been associated with several health related problems like, risk or rupture, sores, cysts, painful hardening of the breasts, long-term sickness, problems with breast feeding, scarring and chest wall deformity, etc. this is quite deplorable that NZ surgeons are underplaying breast implant risks. Veronica Hopner, Massey University health psychology masters student has revealed this after examining about 15 websites. As per the information available on these websites the risk associated with breast-implant, surgeries are just nominal, while this is just one side of the story.

If we see at the darker side of the aspect then we find experts stating that, the risk of rupture is one of the most common, which increases over time to about 69 per cent, especially for the implants older than 17 years. Not to talk about the important information regarding side effects of breast implant, even general information regarding shape and size of implants available is scarce to be found on these websites, according to Hopner.

Keeping clients in dark is quite a bad strategy, being adopted by these surgeons to flourish their business because clients aspiring to undergo breast implant surgery have every right to know about the brighter as well as darker aspect of this implantation.

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