Now yogurt-producing bacteria to treat allergic disorders

allergic disorderIf you are vulnerable to allergies, or suffer from allergic disorders, then here is yet another new treatment method for it, the scientists have come up with – giving you an added remedy for the problems.

In the new method, a team of Amsterdam scientists has used the cheese and yogurt-producing lactic acid bacterium — Lactococcus lactis or L. lactis — to deliver allergens or auto-antigens orally!

This, they claim, is a new strategy that can treat various kinds of autoimmune as well as allergic disorders.

Besides treating gastroenteritis, these bacteria are used for the first time to treat such disorders.

The tolerance-inducing L. lactis can now be used further in developing allergic and autoimmune disorder-treating drugs. This would perhaps help meet the growing demands for such treatments with the number of these disorders increasing.

This new method, rather strategy, hope will prove an effective treatment for the increasing allergy-like problems, but with fewer side effects as well.


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