Does sexual frustration lead to overwork?

are you overworking

According to a team of German researchers from the University of Gottingen, sexual frustration is a reality, and it affects almost every couple. The study which was conducted on almost 32,000 men and women revealed that couples compensated their lack of sexual intimacy by taking on more commitements and work.
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For those who are not aware, sexual frustration is the state of stress or anxiety due to prolonged sexual inactivity or sexual dissatisfaction.

Ragnar Beer, the lead researcher of this study, said that,

sexual frustration prevents you from being able to reduce your stress. In other words, no sex leads to even less sex.

The good news is that, couples who have sex at least twice a week don’t want to take on extra work. Only about 5% of this sexually active segment takes on other activities to relieve their stress.

Beer warns,

it’s important for couples to keep a close watch on their sexual satisfaction rather than wait until it’s too late.

You must be wondering if there is a way to get past sexual frustration. Of course, there is! Be innovative, communicate with your partner about your fantasies, use a sex toy if you want to, and most importantly take time out and make intimacy a priority in your relationship.making intimacy a priority

Don’t wait any longer. Be creative in your sexual communication with your partner and pep up your sex life!



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