New Findings Suggest That You Can Strengthen Your Old Age with The Mediterranean Diet

Understanding the Mediterranean diet:

Mediterranean diet is the one that comprises of fish, olive oil, fresh fruits, fresh vegetable grains, etc. The diet is perfectly designed to provide strength, especially during your older years. It is a well known fact that in the age range of 73-76, the human brain starts losing its volume and this diet protects your brain from that crucial loss.

The studies conducted earlier have been proven correct by various experiments and researches. On the basis of these studies, a suitable conclusion can be drawn that this particular diet can, in fact, can increase the brain sizes.

Mainly comprising of fish than meat, this diet takes good health a notch higher.As old age approaches, the loss of brain volume is quite evident and inevitable. Even though the loss is as little as a tablespoon,it can very well be prevented by designing yourself a Mediterranean diet.

How true is this theory?

Mediterranean Diet

The theory is debatable only if one happens to mis-conceptualize the aspect of it. This diet definitely has an indirect connection with combating the ageing process. Having said that, if one is leading a very stressful life with excessive pressure on the brain, the diet may fail to work.

The balance between a stressful mind and the Mediterranean diet is very importantly required to eliminate the possible loss of brain-volume in older age. A proper scanned analysis has brought to light the extent of benefit this Mediterranean diet can provide, which is quite large, to say the least.

The study conducted:

 proper scan of the brain

People aged above 70 were the main participants in this study conducted, and a proper scan of the brain was carried out at every interval in this research process.

The difference lay in the sex, education, age, diet, and medical histories of people when they crossed a certain threshold of age. All of these factors were considered in this study. These factors vary from person to person and hold enough power to change the entire conclusion of the research.

The most difficult thing was to draw a proper conclusion regarding the high intake of fish having a positive impact on the brain. The study cannot be carried out on the past aspects of the diet, hence, there can be only be an estimate that higher volume is all because of high intake of fish over meat.

Challenges faced while conducting the study:

stop drinking alcohol

The people who were majorly included in the particular research highlighted above sported smoking or drinking habits. These were kept aside for the purpose of the research. The intake of alcohol does pose a different reaction in the brain, and that is a proven fact.

Having said that, the study is still in the process of completion as many people are raising unanswered queries. Some habits which can reduce brain capacity, other than ageing, like alcohol intake and IQ levels are also not taken into consideration while conducting the research experiment.

The idea of ignoring these major issues was a big mistake. Smoking habits and adverse effects of the same are also an equivalent factor that could have led to ways in order to deepen the research, and more conclusive answers could have been derived.

Advantages of the Mediterranean Diet:

Mediterranean Diet

The regular issues that an old person deals with are unnecessary weight loss, weakening of muscles, and comparatively lower energy levels. They are more prone to heart failure, cardio vascular disorders, repetitive hospitalization, fracturing of bones with a small jerk, premature death, disability, and many more similar problems.

Mediterranean diet address most of these issues in order to prolong the life of the elderly, and even help them to face age challenges with enough physical strength.


These factors have not been considered properly by the research team and they may change the conclusion when analyzed properly. The people all around can expect that the diet is a contributor but not solely as the major aspects were ignored.

The human lifestyle and the attitude to deal with the problems that they face and the separate reaction every individual has the same incident is also a very important factor for the human brain. Focusing on the contributing aspect of the diet, one can concentrate on preventing the volume loss by incorporating the same and it won’t provide any harm if not proved to be helpful in their own case.

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