Your mum was right! Certified health benefits of chyawanprash

Chyawanprash is a well known name in the list of age-old traditional ayurvedic medicines. Constituted of purely herbal extracts and a host of other botanicals, along with the seeds, stems and roots of plants as a part of the concoction, this herbal mixture is known for its multiple health benefits. Originated, prepared and brought into being by Chyawan rishi, this jam-like mixture of herbs, spices and other ingredients has been confirmed by herbalists worldwide to be the best anti-oxidant ever researched and used.

One to two teaspoons of chyawanprash everyday can keep you protected from a wide list of ailments like cough, cold, throat infections and fever. It can even prove to be quite beneficial in managing some chronic diseases namely asthma, chest diseases, renal conditions, pulmonary tuberculosis and disorders of the reproductive system as well. However, many of the herbs used in the making of this magical herbal composition are high in potency, hence it is advised to accompany your daily dosage of chyawanprash with a glass of warm milk so as to control its effect.

As an anti ageing supplement

The presence of gooseberry in chyawanprash in high quantities makes it a reliable source to nullify and fight the effects and signs of ageing in an individual. Being rich in vitamin C, which is an excellent anti-oxidant, gooseberry induces anti-ageing properties into this jelly-like spread thereby assisting in rejuvenation of old aged people by strengthening their sense organs, improving skin lustre and curing wrinkles as well. About 100 gms of chyawanprash contains 30 gms of gooseberry. This composition works wonders in improving skin complexion, preventing skin infections and even promoting hair growth, making the person look young and dashing. This anti-ageing supplement is purely herbal in nature, with no side effects, and hence is highly conducive for all age groups.

Bolsters immunity and promotes general healing

For centuries, chyawanprash, made from the pulp of apricots, grapes, gooseberry and other fruits which have a high degree of anti-oxidants, is believed to be highly productive in bolstering immunity and promoting general healing of common infections. It prevents the breakdown of cells within the human body which in turn enhances DNA as well as the stored protein and fat content, thus helping in repairing damage already sustained by the cells. Due to the presence of high levels of vitamin C, which is a recognized immunity enhancer, the risks of being attacked by common infections like cough, cold, throat and chest infection and fever are reduced to negligible amounts. Researchers have confirmed that the users of chyawanprash have reported stronger immunity system and are prone to suffering from fewer infections as this herbal pulp mixture shields immunity by significantly stimulating macro-phages within the human body. Macro-phages, however, are white blood cells that aid in annihilating germs and toxins by ingesting them.

Increases body’s metabolism

Chyawanprash has always been a preferred choice for providing proper nourishment to the young ones.The presence of Indian herbal ingredients Bala, Pippali and Mustak boost its appetizing effect and make it a very helpful digestive enzyme. Bala is specially renowned for increasing the body’s metabolism levels, thereby providing more vigor and a lean body structure. It even assists drastically in restoring lost sexual desires by striking a balance between the body’s sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone. Pippali helps in filtering wastes out of the body, while mustak, a root plant, heals ulcers in the digestive organs and tones the walls and muscles of the stomach. All three combined together, along with other herbs and botanics present in Chhyawanprash, clean up impurities from the entire system, internally and display a young, dynamic and strong personality, externally.

Works on the betterment of heart, liver and respiratory organs

The primary ingredient in Chyawanprash is Amla which works as an excellent stimulating agent responsible for the proper functioning of the heart. It functions as a good cardiac stimulant and even keeps sugar and cholesterol levels under control. The presence of herbs like Bhumiamalaki, Punarnava and Guduchi, along with its key binder, Amla or gooseberry, makes it an extraordinary liver tonic which boosts the functioning of this organ and keeps related diseases at bay. Moreover, Chyawanprash also aids in the smooth functioning of the respiratory system as it maintains moisture balance within the wind pipe and stimulates metabolism. This makes it fight back common associated issues like cough and cold and even reduces symptoms of asthma.

A memory booster

Regular consumption of chyawanprash leads to improvement of intelligence levels (Medha) as it works as a memory charger, thereby increasing the capacity and power of the brain to recollect and remember in multiples. The herbs present in this magical mixture nourish the brain cells and promote intelligence and memorizing capability of an individual. It even imposes a calming effect on the nervous system, thus aiding in stress relief as well.

Helps maintain youthfulness

Originated in the Himalayas, Chyawanprash is being used since centuries by millions of people, who are staunch followers of Ayurveda, for the maintenance of youthfulness and increasing energy levels. Its high anti-oxidant content is a result of the presence of Vitamin -C in abundance in it which in turn helps the body to absorb the right quantities of calcium required for the strengthening of bones and teeth and thus ensures improved health and increased stamina.

A good taste booster

Despite its innumerable health benefits, many people have Chyawanprash on a regular basis just to boost their taste buds and enjoy the sweet aromatic flavor of it. They use it as a part of their daily food intake rather than as a conscious remedy. Some like to spread it over their toast or muffins while others fold it into baked eatery items like cakes, pies and so on. However, herbalists suggest that cooking Chyawanprash along with other foods can destroy the bio-activity present in this jelly and lower its functioning power and effects. Hence, many users prefer to stir it in their daily dosage of milk. Whatever be the form and idea of in-taking Chyawanprash, the bottom-line of the story is that we cannot bypass its various health benefits and its capacity to treat various health issues, some common ones being acidity, flatulence and dyspepsia.

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