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Mercury contamination in fish can be hazardous

contaminated fish 64Next time when you eat fish, two questions would rise in your mind, to eat or not to eat. As through a study researchers have warned people against eating fish because it my expose them to an increased risk of mercury poisoning.

First: A look at the key findings of the study

Because of industrial revolution, mercury level in the sea has gone up to 3 times.

Unabated use of mercury in gold mining is one of the reasons behind increased level of mercury in the atmosphere.

Mercury exposure now constitutes a public health problem in most regions of the world.

The emission of mercury from developing countries over the last few decades has outstripped declines in the developed world.

Mercury level in fish-eating birds and mammals in some parts of the world are reaching toxic levels that may result in population decline in these species and, especially in fish population.

Where this higher level of mercury is negatively linked to our health at the same time it is a serious threat to our aquatic ecosystem too.

Associating higher level of mercury in fish with health, researchers have warned that it may give way to serious health problems, especially among children and women of childbearing age. Several studies conducted earlier have also brought out side effects of mercury. Find them below:-

Health Effects of Mercury

Mercury pollution can be a serious health threat, especially for children and pregnant women.

What are the main health hazards associated with breathing in Mercury?

Human health effects of mercury exposure

It means that those who are fond of eating fish will have to think twice before eating it.

Image credit: NRDC

Via: Independent

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