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Chronic kidney disease: The world has a serious challenge ahead

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Today the world is celebrating World Kidney Day. However, the situation remains quite bleak for many countries like India where according to an estimate, every year about 1.5 lakh new cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) tumble out, giving a jarring note.

Kidney is an integral organ of our body and any problem in it is bound to play havoc with our health perhaps that is the reason why some medical experts have named chronic kidney disease (CKD) as ‘diseases multiplier’. However, India is not the only country where CKD is playing havoc but several other countries are also wriggling under the juggernaut of CKD or chronic kidney disease. Among such countries, the contribution of developing countries is comparatively higher. Following facts provide us with deeper information of CKD situation:–

1. According to an estimate, there are about 500 million people all round the globe with some kind of chronic kidney disease.

2. Out of these patients, about 1.5 million people are alive through peritoneal dialysis or transplantation.

3. The global cost for dialysis and transplantation over the next decade is most likely to surpass $1 trillion.

4. By the next decade, global figure of patients with CKD is more likely to double.

Inflammatory diseases of the kidney, infections, obstruction in the urinary tract and inherited disorders like polycystic kidney disease have, especially been held responsible for this much of rise of in CKD in the world.

6. 85 percent of the patients with CKD dwell in the developing countries.

7. In China, the economy will lose US$558 billion over the next decade due to effects on death and disability attributable to chronic cardiovascular and renal disease.

After going through these smoldering facts, it becomes quite clear that the world has a serious challenge ahead. Today we make vows to uproot horrific diseases like HIV/AIDS, Polio, Bird-flu, etc., etc. but somewhere it seems that amid the vociferation of such vows CKD fails to have its share of attention, which is quite a deplorable issue.

I strongly believe that along with other burning health issues we should also carve out a concrete strategy against CKD, otherwise the dream of a healthy world would never come true.

Image credit: Renal Fibrosis

Via: Times of India

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