Iodine free diet

Thyroid Cancer Patients heavily rely on Iodine Free Diet. Patients are strictly instructed by the doctors to follow this diet plan so that they make recovery from this deadly disease. The idea behind it is to starve the thyroid iodine cells so that the radioactive iodine can be consumed while remaining cells are ablated.

Iodine Free Diet
Today, iodine free salt is easily available at every grocery store. You should choose this salt to prepare all kinds of meals at home. Either maintain an Iodine Free Diet or Low Iodine Diet.

Foods to Avoid

You should avoid eating outside because you won’t be able find out what kind of salt is used by a restaurant in preparation of food. The diet doesn’t include egg yolks, red dye and several other food items. Chocolates, potato chips and popcorn contain iodine. All kinds of processed foods should be banned.

Foods to Include

Vegetables, fish, chicken, fruits, steamed veggies and shakes are all mouth watering treats that you can include in your Diet Plan. Here is a detail of the foods that can be included in your diet plan.

Starches It provides glucose to the body which is the primary source of energy. Homemade bread is a perfect option for this purpose. Other options include pasta, cereals and crackers. Cereals can be oatmeal, cream of wheat and barley.

Veggies and Fruits They contain fiber, water, vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits are extremely low in iodine. Legumes and potatoes are rich in iodine so avoid them. Don’t go for canned or frozen vegetables. Only eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Protein Rich Foods
Unsalted meats such as veal, lamb, poultry and beef are good sources of protein rich foods. Don’t go for fish and processed meat as they contain a lot of iodine element.

– Unsalted nuts, nut butters, oils and margarine are good sources of fats. These provide valuable nutrients to the human body.

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