Importance of a pediatric dentist for a child’s overall health

Taking your children to a pediatric dentist regularly is necessary for the proper development of his/her overall health. A pediatric dentist specializes in oral health care for children right from the time they are babies till the time they reach their teen years.


In most cases, a baby would start developing his/her baby teeth by the age of six months or so. Visiting a pediatric dentist at this age would therefore help prevent early decay and other oral problems much before the baby teeth start falling off at the age of six years or so. Regular visits to the pediatric dentist would also ensure that the gums and teeth remain healthy down the lane, even after the permanent teeth replace the baby teeth.

Those interested in becoming a pediatric dentist would first need to graduate from high school and earn their diploma. This would be followed by an undergraduate degree from college and dental school for four years. Initial schooling precedes residency, which would provide individuals with hands on experience in working with infants, toddlers, children, teenagers and even kids with special needs.


A pediatric dentist would also need to perform services like health checkups, counseling of bad habits like thumb sucking, preventive care, fluoride treatments, etc. He/she would also need to work with an orthodontist to correct issues like improper bite, cavities, tooth injuries, gum disease, etc.

The benefits of being a pediatric dentist are that it would allow individuals to work wherever they want in the country in addition to working with pediatricians to take care of young children and their overall health. Pediatric dentists can work better with small children as they can handle small tools more adeptly as well.


A pediatric dentist in the US can earn anywhere between $100000 and $310000 per annum. Factors like country of practice, type of office, number of years of training and experience as well as specialization play important roles in determining the pay of a pediatric dentist.

If you are looking forward to working with children and taking care of their gums and teeth, then a pediatric dentist may be just what you want to become. By helping children take care of their teeth better, you would not only be leading them to a healthier lifestyle later on, but you would be paving the way for them to make easier dental appointments in the coming years.


A pediatric dentist helps take care of children’s teeth in addition to performing several other services like health checkups and preventive care. They also work with other pediatricians and orthodontists to correct teeth/gum related problems in children. Pediatric dentists help shape a healthier future for children and ease the dental appointment process for the latter over the years.

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