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How to stay active?

How to stay active

With the increase in sedentary habits many lifestyle disorders are on the rise. Making activity a part of your life and seeking opportunities for physical movement can help you remain fit and active. Simple changes in your lifestyle and an energetic approach towards life can help you stay active.

Many disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, sleep disturbances; etc can be related to lack of physical activity. With the use of technology people have many reasons to become inactive. Long hours of office work also contribute to this problem. As a result you are left with very little scope for physical activity. Although this is true, the fact is that activity lies within your mind. If you strongly wish to make activity a part of life you can find out simple ways to do so.

Being active does not necessarily mean exercises. There are equally important, but apart from that, your body needs to be active and full of life. Here are some ways that can help you stay active while continuing with your routine.

  • Walk whenever possible – Make walking or cycling a habit wherever possible. You can walk and go for nearby shopping instead of driving. You can take the stairs instead of the lift. Try not to use the remote for operating television or air condition and you can move physically to operate them. You can also take a short walk while talking over the phone.


  • Enjoyable activities – You can get involved in simple activities that you might have always loved to perform. For example, cleaning the house, gardening, watering the plants, washing the car, taking your pet for a walk, etc.



  • Family time – The most enjoyable part is spending family time doing some physical activity. Children can keep you active for the entire day. You can enjoy going out to the parks, swimming pool with the young ones in the family. You can choose the activities according to your needs. You can plan for a family activity on holidays where you all can enjoy playing sports, going to nature parks, gardens, picnics or sports clubs. People who are more fit can get involved in trekking or a similar adventure sport.


These are just some tips for you to remain active. While you can start with these activities, you will surely become more active and come up with more ideas too. However, it is important to note that for people having difficulty in joints and muscles or any other medical concerns need to follow their medical advice and accordingly decide the activities that suit their needs.

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