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Healing is sometime matter of opportunity

Healing is sometime matter of opportunity

We know that time heals all the wounds and while on healing we got enough time to find hope and comfort level to search a newer opportunity. Healing has different facet; it is not limited to physical recovery only but even emotional and spiritual.

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The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates who is known as father of medicine described that “The time is that wherein there is opportunity and opportunity is that where there is no great time. Healing is a matter of time but sometimes it is the matter of opportunity”. We know that time heals all the wounds and while on healing we got enough time to find hope and comfort level to search a newer opportunity. Healing has different facet; it is not limited to physical recovery only but even emotional and spiritual. Opportunities come in all shapes and forms but at the time of healing we have adequate time to examine those opportunities which fit for us. While on healing we recall our good and bad actions which help us in selecting better opportunities. Our mind is in peace at the time of recovery and peaceful mind give scope to newer thought and newer opportunity.
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We generally underestimate the importance of healing. Many times in life we charge on but we forget to sit back and recharge ourselves for a moment. Whether it’s emotional or physical, healing is important to give rest to the body and our soul as well. A lot of people want to get out of the pain; they do unusual activity rather than giving some time for healing. Many try to give time for healing without knowing the source of pain. In order to heal emotional or physical pain it’s important to know the exact source of pain so that we can obtain a right medicine for it.

Healing is a multidimensional process in which we utilize our energy. Human body is a machine which requires energy to run its functions. After certain period of time this machine requires to take a break for greasing or healing. At the time of greasing, we got to knowing various functional ability & disability of the machine like what is the optimum use of machine, what time machine gives maximum productivity, what resources is required to run this machine in effective manner, what timing we need to give break to it and  what improvement is required to increase its performance. Overall examination at the time of healing gives an opportunity to change the processing hour, improvements in parts & its function, time management and so on.

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We search conventional and alternative methods to heal our body or soul. Sometimes we take help from a physician for physical pain and from a preacher for emotional healing. But today people are moving toward ecological places like Africa for healing emotional pain to clean the mind. While on tour to an ecological place, people got an opportunity to know the power of nature in refreshing mind and knowing different culture of the people. We also got an opportunity to know different means of living along with resource utilization techniques. Tour gives us joy, a cheerful environment and positive vibration through which we can learn the purpose of our birth as a human being.

While taking rest or relax we experiences the beauty of life; beauty motivates us, beauty unites us, beauty heals us, beauty saves our origin and thus healing teaches us to save the beauty of others whether living or non living. In today’s fast life we don’t have time to experience the beauty of life and thus it becomes important to involve ourselves in healing and giving rest to our body and mind. This can be achieved through moving to places full of natural beauty and culture, go for yoga or sitting in a lonely place or near to sea.

Fear of death

Fear of death is conducive to healing. When a person knows that he is going to die soon then there is positive transformation going on in his mind and he become conscious from the day onward. He tries to search a new perspective of living and his soul wants to do something for the sake of mankind. This evolution becomes an opportunity for him to do those things which he hasn’t done yet.

Formerly singing sad song or listening sad song becomes a part of healing. It helps us in getting out of darkness and reaching toward the lightness of life. Music is art of forming sounds to produce theme of life like, melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. Listening to music get ourselves into a world of love, sadness, harmony and many more facet of life. Thus it gives an opportunity to acknowledge those feelings in life which we have experienced in real but those acknowledgements gives us moral support to uplift ourselves and our society.


Writing is also an art of healing self because it gives a scope of realizing beauty, life, power, soul, motivation, truth and dreams. A writer observes smallest thing from the world and interpret it in such a manner that it shows different purpose of life. While on writing they create something new, some dreams, some formation new for human being and through these creativities they open the eye of many about life, fiction, love, power and others aspect of life.

Spiritual healing teaches us the supreme power of god who runs the whole world. When we see the structure of all living and non living things along with their functions then we realize his power to form such a magnificent world full of life. Through spiritual healing we understand the real engineering of God who created such a wonderful world whether it is mountain, river, animals, trees, sea and many more. This kind of healing not only teaches us the virtue of love and affection but also necessity of hatred in the world.

Ashoka was such a king who killed his own 100 brothers and thousand of life in Kalinga war. When God Buddha suggested him for healing then he decided to reject any kind of war in future and spread peace in the state. Healing gave him an opportunity to establish harmony in the state and to do fruitful work for the people and all these activity made him a Samrat.

yoga is healing

From all above examples we can say that healing gives us time to search a newer opportunity which best fit for us and fit for others as well. Singing song is healing; traveling to ecological place is healing; yoga is healing; attending spiritual talk in healing; writing is healing; moving to a lonely place is healing and fear of death is healing. So we should take all these thing as an advantage to gain energy, knowledge, opportunities and self confidence which finally impose the power of healing in life.

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