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Control anger…..Perform better

Control anger…..Perform better

Have you ever felt angry to an extent of going wild? Have you ever wished you could run away from this practice? If yes, you need to understand anger and its existence in human life. While it is not easy to run away from anger, there are ways to control it that will help you to perform better.

Almost every person experiences anger sometime in life. It is a natural human reaction that can arise from emotional disturbances like irritation, annoyance, disappointment, and similar other feelings that make you feel hurt. The expression of anger can range from a simple irritation to extreme fury and frenzy.

Although it is generally experienced by all, it affects different people in different ways. Some people cannot tolerate even slightest disturbance, while some are more tolerant and are less affected by it. Usually, anger is known to affect your health in many ways. However, instances that trigger anger are generally present everywhere; it is therefore necessary that you learn to manage your anger and be able to deal with situations in a better way.


Managing your anger

In order to protect yourself for the harmful effects of anger, it is essential that you learn some simple ways to deal with it.

When you feel angry try some techniques that will help you distract from the situation and allow time to calm down. You can practice deep breathing, counting numbers, stopping the thoughts that are provoking your anger and similar other methods.

On other occasions, where you get some time to think, it is important that you analyze the situation carefully. Try to find the cause of your anger, consider the circumstances that have repeatedly triggered your anger. If possible you can make a note of such situations, or people, or places that make you angry. Whenever possible try to express your emotions and negative feedback about people or situations, rather than suppressing your anger.

When there are people that make you angry, try to understand their condition. This may help you realize the cause behind their behavior. When you regularly get into disputes with some people, try to think about it from all directions. If possible you can sit down to discuss openly about the issues and resolve the conflicts.

Keep your mind open and allow the other person’s thoughts flow into your mind and then make a fair decision. A closed mind with fixed ideas can lead to stubborn behavior. Seek support from your close friends and relatives. Talk about your feelings and emotions.

Practice relaxation techniques to improve overall tolerance and consider adopting a flexible attitude so as to easily adjust with others.

Managing anger at these levels will help to prevent you from going through the harmful effects that it can have on your health. This will help to improve your overall performance and help to lead a healthier life.

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