How to pass a hair follicle drug test

Ever wondered what happens if you fail a drug test? There are often dire results of failing a drug test especially if you are employed at a reputable company. You could lose your job forever, worst yet your drug usage could become a permanent part of your profile and you may never be able to find good work.

Thanks to the internetMany companies in the U.S require you to go through a drug test before they can hire you. And if you have passed an interview and have found out that you will have to go through a hair follicle drug test, panic can take you over in an instant.

Thanks to the internet though you do not have to panic about drug tests anymore even if you are a regular user. There are many ways on the internet that can help learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test. Some of these include shaving your hair off and even using special detox shampoos. But just like anything else on the internet, not every method works.

If you really want to dodge your testers and pass the hair follicle drug test, then we highly recommend trying out the jerry g or macujo method. Both of these methods were created by seasoned drug users who used them for years to trick drug testers. By using these methods, you can easily clear your drug test no matter how tough it is.

The methods basically make you wash your hair repeatedly in a special manner that get rids of any traces of drug from your hair. These methods require you to go out to your grocery store and buy a few easy to find products and wash your hair using them.

bleach you hair

For example the Jerry G method requires you to bleach your hair and dye it with any dye having ammonia inside it. Then you are required to put a paste of baking soda on your hair and wash it special toxin wash shampoo and a detox.

On the contrary, Macujo method depends on the usage of Heinz vinegar, clear and clean formula, tide liquid detergent and a special detox shampoo. By combining all these ingredients and washing your hair step by step with each of the product, you can get rid of drug traces in your hair follicle. But keep in mind that you will have to quit using drugs at least 10 days before the test.

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