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Household plants that can work wonders for health and beauty

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Indoor plants have such a pleasing presence in homes; they make the entire home beautiful and bring certain positivity in the ambience. However, these are not the only benefits of indoor plants; they have medicinal purposes as well. Some indoor plants have astounding health and skin benefits, read further to find such plants:


People have been using Chamomile since centuries. The indoor plant is employed for several purposes. In United States, people use this plant in tea that cures upset stomach, and helps sleep. It has two types- the German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile. German Chamomile is approved for use to cure skin troubles such as eczema, chickenpox, and psoriasis, reduces wrinkles and diaper rash, stomach cramps, slow-healing wounds, cold and coughs, and gum inflammation. People use Chamomile as a tincture or in bath to cure these ailments. The Roman Chamomile is believed to cure menstrual cramps, upset stomach, and sleeping problems when consumed as tea.


Catnip is an herb plant that is widely known for having effect on cats but the herb has some benefits for human beings as well. Catnip plant has flowery tops that are used to cure several human health and skin conditions. People usually prefer to have Catnip indoor plant to shoo away mosquitoes and other insects. The Catnip leaves are even more effective than many other chemical insect repellants. Simply crush some leaves and rub them on exposed body parts, or on clothes to keep mosquitoes at bay. The other health issues that this herb plant cures are stomach infections, relieves stress and arthritis pain.

Lady Palm

If you or someone in your family has dust allergy, or catches cold and cough too often, then keeping Lady Palm as an indoor plant at your home is an ideal option. It has such good anti-allergic properties that keep a person away from annoying sneezing and wheezing. In homes, we all use household cleaners that contain chemicals, which are bad for our respiratory system. Besides household cleaners, pets at home are a major source of infections. Lady Palm targets all the infections and allergy causing elements that pets and cleaning agents release in air, and save the inhabitants from the respiratory diseases. Enjoy keeping a pet and do as much cleaning as you want to, but do not forget to keep this wonder indoor plant at home.


Lavender is a wonder indoor plant that has numerous benefits. Lavender has ultimate skin benefits, as it helps keep skin-troubling bacteria at bay. Lavender aroma restricts bacterial growth and enables you to enjoy a healthy skin. It reduces acne breakouts, treats insect bites, and heals cuts faster. It also has superb anti-inflammatory properties that reduces skin redness, makes it even colored, and makes your skin glow. People also take lavender pills to cure their anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Even the aroma of lavender is efficient enough to bring down the uneasiness and anxiety levels. Grow this plant indoor and place it where it gets enough of sunlight, let it bloom and then cut some stems and leave them to dry. You can add those dried stems in your bath and enjoy a relaxing lavender bath.

English Ivy

English Ivy is yet another indoor plant that has health benefits. It reduces the dander and other harmful elements in the air inside home that come from pets and household cleaning products. The English Ivy vine is considered the best alternative to bring down the presence of air pollutants in a home. The vine sucks pollutants such as carcinogen, formaldehyde, plywood particles, and other chemicals in the air that come from cleaning agents and pets.


Indoor plants not only beautify homes but they also contribute to make lives healthy as well.

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