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Here’s how foods that contain alcohol can impact your health

You will be amazed to know that alcohol is not just found in a liquor store, but is also present in many foods that you eat. If you are a person who wants to avoid alcohol consumption for any reason, then it becomes even more important for you to learn about the foods that have alcohol content in them. There are also certain foods that are cooked in alcohol and that may create an impact on your health. Thus, you should know about the types of foods that contain alcohol in a small or large amount.

Health effects of foods with alcohol

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While many of you may not be affected by a small amount of alcohol present in various food items, there are several people who are advised to avoid alcohol completely. Such people may include pregnant women and individuals on medications. Kids and teenagers are also advised to stay away from alcohol for health reasons. While foods with a slight amount of alcohol can be high on taste, these are not at all safe for people who develop allergies on alcohol consumption.

Alcohol can interact with medications and create serious health concerns. Those on medications, such as antidepressants and antibiotics, may face extreme medical issues due to the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol contains sulfites and histamines that can cause allergic reactions in some people. If somebody is advised to avoid alcohol completely for medical reasons, then it can be catastrophic to have an intake of even a small quantity of it. Therefore, such people should know about foods containing alcohol so they may avoid any accidental consumption of alcohol through their meals.

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While many people think that alcohol evaporates on heating during the cooking process, it actually does not happen. About two-thirds of it remains in the food even after 20 minutes of cooking. If alcohol is added after cooking, then the whole of it remains in the food. Even some alcohol-free substitutes contain traces of alcohol. Thus, care needs to be taken on your part if you need to avoid alcohol altogether. Check out below some foods that may contain alcohol in certain quantities.

Foods That Contain Alcohol

  • Pastas and Meats: Several pasta dishes and meats may have alcohol, as their sauces are prepared in alcohol. There are also alcohol-based marinades that are used for marinating meat. This is usually done to tenderize the meat. If food is marinated in alcohol, then it may retain a substantial amount of it, even after cooking. Various types of risottos and stews may also contain alcohol. Additionally, you may find wine or whiskey in meat glazes and reduction sauces.
  • Vanilla Extract: It is a famous additive that is used in various desserts. Vanilla extract also contains alcohol though its quantity reduces significantly after cooking. If you want to avoid alcohol totally, then do not consume foods with vanilla extract.

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  • Beer-Infused Foods: There are several foods in which beer is used. Some of these food items include beer bread, stews and soups. You may also find beer in grilled foods, as it is poured while the food is being cooked on a grill. Thus, it is always better to ask your chef about the presence of beer or alcohol in such foods.
  • Filled Candies: Liquor is quite commonly used to fill candies and chocolates. As manufacturers usually warn you of the alcohol content in filled candies by printing the warning on the product label, you would get an idea easily.
  • No-Bake Desserts and Flambé: Some no-bake desserts are made using alcohol that is retained by them in significant amounts. Similarly, foods that are flamed in alcohol also retain a good quantity of it. Thus, you should always check about such foods before you consume them.

Apart from the above-mentioned foods, you should keep a watch on the aesthetic use of alcohol while the dishes are served to you in a restaurant. It is better to be precautionary than face a medical issue.


For your health and habits, it makes good sense on keeping an eye on foods that have alcohol content. These can have serious health impacts, especially if you have alcohol related troubles.

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