Fixing the diet to get it back on track

Dieting is not an easy job, it needs proper commitment and will power to stick to a particular diet. A planned diet is always better as one knows about the food that he is eating. Health conscious people usually follow certain diet plan which mainly includes whole foods, vegetable, and fruits. When one goes on diet, it certainely means that there is a need to fix something in the body. It might be any disease or other symtoms that can cause diseases.

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To follow a proper diet, one must start with good planning and firm decision. It is important to maintain this diet for longer terms.if you have broken the diet plan, then these general guidelines can help in fixing the broken diet.

Maintain the balanced diet

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People usually believe that dieting is eating less and burning more, which is actually true. While dieting, one needs to check the quantity of food that they eat. With proper quantity come sthe agenda of seating right. While starting the process to maintain the balanced diet is bit complex. As time passes it becmos a habit to eat a balanced diet. Maintaining a balnced diet largely depends on the body type of a person. Make dure to know the body type and follow the proper diet for each type.

Bod type eating

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Complexities starts arising when we feel that no single formula suits all body types. The speed and intensity to fix something in the body largely depends on the body type of a person. Starting with the “I body type,” they have greater abilities to tolerate carbs for longer time and much more energy than any oyther body type.

People with this body type must have 55% of carbs, 25% of proteins, and 20% of fats to make their diet balanced. Moving on to V body type, they must higher level of proteins and fats in their diet. Consuming 40% of carbs, 30% of proteins, and 30% of fat will do for them. Lastely, people with O body hav slower metabolism and are less tolerant ot carbs. Following distribution of 25% carbs, 35% proteins, and 40% fats will ake good diet for tem.

Control calorie intake

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Another major factor to fix a broken diet is to contro the intake of the calories. Avoid eating food that does not provide sufficient nutrition to the body. Just eat whole foods, they have a lot of nutrients that a body requires. Moreover, green vegetables and fruits will add more proteins to the diet making it more nutritious. Besides consider practicing exercise and physical activities for burning fats. And monitor your progress religiously, following new strategies to improve the diet.


Getting into correct eating habits and fixing the broken diet is essential to maintain the fitness of te body. Fixing the body does not mean that you need to blame yourself for putting on weight. One can seasily get rid of it by exercising and little control on diet. The need is just to follow ceratin rules and maintain tha habit of eating right.

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