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Healthy lifestyle at home for a healthy heart

The modern life with its many comforts compels unhealthy options upon us. Sedentary habits such as long hours working in front of the computer, watching television, video games have contributed greatly to giving rise to risks to heart ailments. There is an increasing incidence of heart ailments among children and young adults too. To counter these, healthy practices and lifestyle choices must be made a part of the family life.


Countering coronary problems with healthy eating habits

The first step to adopting any good health habits starts at home. Your children will prominently imbibe those habits that they see you practicing. Therefore, you have to be their role model by opting for physical activities and good eating habits. Store healthy snacks in the kitchen that children can eat when they are hungry, set regular meal times when the whole family eats together. Habits cultivated at a young age remain with children throughout their lifetime. Hence, encourage them to eat correctly and make healthy eating choices.


Countering coronary problems with physical activities

As we said earlier, it is not easy to avoid working in front of computers or watching television. However, you can make healthier choices such as packing in many outdoor activities over the weekend, waking up easily in the morning to exercise, go for a swim, walk or jog. Pursue activities together, as a family. Encourage your children to participate in sports at school and support them in coaching and practices for matches. Encourage children to pursue physical activities that they enjoy whether it is football, cycling or running.


A Positive Outlook

Stress is considered the number one factor leading to heart problems. The only way to counter stress is to develop a positive outlook towards life. Avoid conflicts, or resolve them peacefully, let children be exposed to the positive and fun side of family life. When you celebrate their success, and not berate them for their failures, but encourage them through the tough phase, you helpthem develop a positive self-image. It also helps children develop a sense of security and the capacity to deal with stress.


Healthy and happy family

A family that eats together stays together. Hence, have at least one meal together every day, free from interruptions from phones, newspapers, and work related conversations. It is not enough to be physically present; you have to be with your family mentally too. Switching off from your troubles for a few moments helps in thinking better and alleviating stress.


Money can buy everything but not health, and a healthy body can achieve great heights. Hence, it is important to make healthy lifestyle a choice and practice.

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