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Foods that help healthy weight loss


Losing weight is a real tough task. We try various things in hope to shed some weight. To go on a diet is something which almost everybody take resort to. However, not every diet plan is healthy and effective. Some might help you lose weight but not necessarily in a healthy way. By this, we mean majority of diet plans eliminate natural and healthy foods also like whole grains and fruits. To overcome this problem, we are giving you a list of such foods that will help you lose weight in the most healthy and effective way. These are the foods, which make you feel stuffed for a longer duration, spurs your BMR and they keep food cravings at bay.


They are a very good source of protein, and are high on fiber content. Once eaten, they make you feel fuller for quite a long time; automatically you will eat less and lose weight.


Starting your meal with a bowl of soup makes you eat less of the main course as you are almost full after having soup. Soup should be broth based, keep it low on cream, and butter content, as you have to keep a check on your calorie intake.


Having a whole fruit is better than having fruit juice if you want to lose weight. Leave apple juice and eat apple. This way the intensity of your appetite will reduce as chewing an apple would send a signal to your mind that you have eaten something, and raw fruits have more fiber content in comparison to juices.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products, which have low fat content, enable the user to lose weight. You can use low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese as great snacks and additions to your meals.


Poultry products are a rich source of proteins. They need a prudent choice; otherwise, they can turn into being a major source of calories in your diet. While choosing beef, go for the one with lean cuts. Take skinless poultry because the skin has large amounts of fat in it. Go for eggs that are a low calorie protein source.


Nuts are great when it comes to snacking. Instead of going for unhealthy snacking, pick a handful of peanuts, walnuts, or almonds, they keep you stuffed for longer. Besides keeping you full for longer, nuts also provide for your other dietary requirements.


These are the wonder foods that help you lose weight while keeping you healthy unlike some diet plans that only focus on weight loss while ignoring your health.

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