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Tips to make and maintaining a healthy home

Our homes are the place where we spend most of our time. It is our sanctuary and the place where we rest, eat, sleep and spend time with our family. Hence, it is of the highest importance that we make this space very comfortable for our family members and ourselves. A comfortable home might be big or small, luxurious or simple, most important is that it is healthy.


Maintaining a Healthy Home

A healthy home is essential for creating a healthy environment for yourself and your family. It requires efforts on the part of all family members to keep it clean and neat. Frequently dusting the house is good, but not enough for maintaining a natural indoor environment. Many other factors contribute towards an unhealthy environment, which lead to undesired health effects.


What is a healthy home?

A healthy home is free of dust, insects, and toxins and is dry and well aired. It is not easy to achieve all of these, but regular maintenance will contribute greatly towards creating a healthy environment. All the factors we mention are inter-linked, so if your house is dry, well aired and free of dust, then toxins will not have much chance to stay. In addition, using cleaning agents to sanitize the house surfaces and cleaning up the mess will help reduce the insects in the house.

Defining cleanliness and dryness

Cleanliness refers to keeping the house tidy and organized as disorganized and untidy environment causes stress, anxiety and other mental problems. A dry house is free of moisture, which in turn stops the spread of mold that ruins the house and body. This also reduces the risk of spreading excess insects or germs that contribute greatly to spreading diseases.


Ventilation for a cleaner environment

The room air must frequently circulate, as it is very harmful to breathe in stale air. The air within the house may be full of toxins because of people breathing in the house, activities within the house releasing various fumes and excess carbon monoxide, together with viruses, dust, our own and pet hair and skin particles, evaporation from wooden surfaces and second hand smoke get trapped within the house without ventilation. This in turn triggers allergies and skin problems. Ventilation gives an outlet for all these harmful factors and brings fresh air into the room.


Get a regular pest control done for your house to keep out cockroaches, dust mites and other home insects that spread dangerous diseases. Opt for natural products as a lifestyle choice for a healthier home.

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