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Health benefits of swimming


Swimming is an enjoyable activity and many people including children enjoy swimming as a recreational activity. While it has many benefits as being a life saving activity, it also proves to an excellent way of exercising and being fit. As an exercise, swimming has gained popularity all over the world and people of all ages can practice it with ease.

One of the greatest benefits is that due to the buoyancy, the weight is not felt for the swimmer and hence even those overweight people who have joint pains can easily participate in swimming and improve their health condition and even lose weight without having to struggle much. Swimming is considered to be a low impact form of exercise that helps to keep the joints in good condition.


Swimming involves movement of the entire body, hands and legs and hence is thought to be an all-round exercise program for the whole body. It one of the best choices of aerobic or cardio-vascular exercises, that enables the swimmer to use their muscles of lungs and heart to their maximum potential. This trains the heart for better performance and thus improves the overall functioning of the heart, blood circulation to the whole body.


For children, swimming is a great way to grow and develop in a healthy manner. It not only helps to improve their muscle strength, co-ordination, balance, concentration, but also helps them helps them to stimulate their appetite. When coupled with a healthy diet the children can grow well and believe in fitness activities from young age.

People who are not able to swim, may choose to perform aqua aerobics, that is aerobic exercises in water, which helps in reducing the pressure on the weight bearing joints like knees.

In case of adults and children who suffer from respiratory problems or ear infections, it is essential to consult their physician before taking up swimming activities.

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