Health benefits of fish

Fish is a low fat, high protein super food. Fish is a great source of vitamins, minerals and most important is the omega-3-fatty acids that make fish the most popular choice in healthy food. Fish is also rich in trace elements and the overall nutrition that is provides offers protection form a wide range of ailments from heart diseases to arthritis.

Health benefits of fish

The main content of omega-3-fatty-acids as provided by fish is the main benefit offering as it alone is helpful in many health conditions. Some good choices of fish provide the right kind of nutrition that is beneficial. This important substance is typically present in fatty fish.

The benefits offered by omega-3-fatty-acids are that they help to maintain and reduce blood pressure, blood cholesterol and thus help to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Another major benefit that these fatty acids offer is the brain development and improvement in brain function. It is typically useful in case of infant and childhood brain development and also beneficial for seniors in their old age.


Some of the ailment specific benefits offered by fish are:

  • Heart Disease – Fish helps to lower the blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels and tendency of blood clotting. It thus lowers the risk of cholesterol deposition and heart attack or stroke.


  • Cancer – Fish eating is linked to lowered risk of prostate cancer and may have a relation. Shellfish are considered to very good for this purpose as they contain selenium, which is believed to have properties to fight against cancer.


  • Arthritis – Fish and especially fish oils help to relive the inflammatory condition which is typically found in arthritis. Hence consuming fish and fish oils can prove to be beneficial in preventing as well as protecting patients suffering from arthritis.


  • Depression – The fatty acids present in fish are known to increase brain serotonin levels which can help to reduce depression and mood upsets.


  • Alzheimer’s disease – As these fatty acids promote brain development, fish oils are useful in fighting against Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and can also be helpful for children suffering from hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

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