Health benefits of dates

Dates are a dry fruit and are widely popular across the world. They have a soft sweet outer part and a seed inside that is removed before eating. They can be consumed simply by washing and removing the seed, or can be crushed and sprinkled on sweet preparations or as date syrup. Dates are rich sources of iron and offer numerous health benefits.


Some of the health benefits offered by dates are:

  • Fresh dates are soft and fleshy and can be consumed to gain instant energy as they are a rich source of simple sugar. As a result they are considered as a great option to have while observing a religious fast.


  • Dates contain very less fat and can be consumed by people trying to avoid fatty food. They are very low in calories can be consumed by people trying to maintain their weight.


  • Dates are rich source of vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin C and contain fiber. Thus they provide a great deal of nutrition and also help to keep the digestive system healthy. It can be consumed by people suffering from constipation by soaking them in water overnight.


  • Dates are rich in minerals especially like iron, potassium and calcium and are low in sodium. It is also helpful in maintaining bones and teeth health due to high calcium content. This makes dates a super food for people suffering from anemia, pregnant ladies and children and those suffering from high cholesterol or blood pressure concerns.


  • Dates are believed to contain certain antioxidant properties and hence are found to be useful in protecting against the risk of certain cancers.

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