H pylori diet

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that develops peptic ulcer in human body. It is also known as H Pylori. Patients suffering from this disease are advised to consider medication and diet as a necessity for them to survive. You are able to reduce the symptoms of this disease with certain changes in your daily diet.

H Pylori Diet

It is essential for the patient to follow this diet as it stops the growth of this disease and leads to health. Doctors advise to be more diet focused than medication focused when suffering from H Pylori.

Foods to Add

H Pylori diet asks an individual to include fiber rich foods such as veggies and fruits. For this purpose, you may opt for , onions, celery and apples. Flavonoids rich foods must also be included as they tend to stop the growth of H Pylori.

Foods rich in vitamin B and calcium must also be included such as leafy green veggies, sea veggies, beans and whole grains. When you are looking to fight with your food craving, you may opt for low fat products to control the acid levels in stomach.

Foods to Eliminate

Few beverages and foods aggravate the ulcer. You must limit the intake of these items. Stop eating too many sugary items. Include lesser salt while preparation of meals. You should stop eating foods that are allergic to you. Alcohol, caffeine, fatty red meats, fatty acids, carbonated drinks, decaf coffee and processed food items must be strictly banned. It is advisable to consume lesser spices as they might become the cause for irritation.

You can take vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, glutamine, flavonoids and dimethyl sulfoxide supplements. All these nutrients are extremely beneficial for the patient's health. The key to recover from this vulnerable disease is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow H Pylori Diet.

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