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Go on snacking and lose weight!

Want to lose weight, start snacking. You must be wondering what absurd thing we are telling you to do. However, this is true. You can really lose weight if you choose the right munchies for your snacking. Right munchies can satisfy your cravings and can help you lose weight.


Snacks rich in proteins increase your lean muscle mass and improve your BMR; hence, you burn more calories. Fiber gives you a flawless digestion system and no more sugars and fats will accumulate in your body. Therefore, whenever you are about to do snacking, consider these points, and choose the most effective and healthy snacks on your snacking menu. Following are some snacks that can help you whittle your hunger and weight altogether:


An apple and a glass of skim milk

Any fruit can be a good snack; it becomes even better if paired with a protein. Protein will help sustain your energy and hunger levels for a longer period, which is in contrast to the carbohydrates, as they get quickly absorbed and you again start feeling hunger. The protein fruit pairing that we suggest is – one big apple and one cup f skim milk. It will give you 10grams of protein and 5grams of fiber, 200 calories.
Power berry smoothie

For this recipe you need soy protein powder and low-fat plain yogurt and frozen berries. From the yogurt, you will get around nine grams of protein, frozen berries will provide you the fiber and honey provides the sweetness. All this you get with just 139 calories.


Melon drizzled with balsamic vinegar

As you all know, foods with high water content keeps us feeling fuller longer, thus, we eat less. Hardly any other natural food has more amount of water content. One bowl of melon has around 90% water and has only 45 calories. Adding balsamic vinegar to the melon will activate pepsin – a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins into amino acids.


Howsoever you make it, popcorn is an ultimate snack. It is high on fiber and has few calories. You can sprinkle some nutritional yeast, which is rich in vitamin B12 and helps boost metabolism and burns fat and calories.


Cauliflower with white bean dip

Make white bean and roasted garlic dip, and dip the pieces of vegetables like cauliflower and eat. This is a good way to satisfy the hunger cravings.


When you eat snacks with the right ratio of nutrients, with the right amount of calories, munching keep, you energized and you tend to lose weight.

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