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Fattening foods you should refrain from

Fattening food may taste delicious, but it can cause several health issues. Therefore, we should rein our taste buds and stay away from this kind of food to ensure good health.


Strawberry Smoothie

Most of you think that fruit and yogurt can do no bad. You are wrong. Do you know that the smoothies that you order for yourself so nicely in a mall is made up of ice cream and is often high on sugar content? It is something that makes you gain weight. Hence, better you go in for a low-carb strawberry smoothie with – 268 calories, 3g sugar, and 9g fat.

Woman Eating French Fries

Fried Snacks

We all love sweet and salty snacks like French fries, chips, nachos, and more, but they are terrible for people who are trying to lose weight. Taking them once in a blue moon and that too in small quantities is permissible, but having them regularly is a sin, especially for the one who wants to lose weight. Every ounce of potato chips or the cheese puffs has 160 calories or 10 grams of fat. You better go for healthy fruit and salads with minimal dressings.


Avoid too much of dressings

Salads are healthy, light, refreshing, and are a good source of protein. However, anywhere you go and order salad; it comes with lavish dressings of mayonnaise and other salad creams, they are again disastrous for the one who wants to lose weight. Next time when you order salad for yourself, make sure you do not order mayonnaise and salad cream dressings, rather you ask them to put strips of lean meat over the salad or eggs to put on the vegetables. However, if it is hard for you to stay away from mayonnaise, then go for a mixture of mayonnaise and fresh yogurt.


Fried Chicken

You love those crispy pieces of fried chicken, don’t’ you? Well, you can have a piece or two after a good gap, but if you want to have them every other day, it surely is going to be a trouble. It will play with your health, make you fat and the rest of the diseases will follow. A fried chicken breast contains about 360 calories and 21 grams of fat. So make a prudent choice, as you can go for a marinated chicken with a light dressing.


Desserts and Ice Creams

We all love the scoops of our favorite flavored ice cream or other frozen treats, but they are extremely bad for our health. A single scoop of an ice cream can have up to 380 calories and 22 grams of fat. So cut short your sweet consumption.


These are some of the fattening foods, which we all should stay away from or should consume them in least amounts.

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