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Global Healthcare Professionals exchange and Interact through online social network

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More than Thousand Global Healthcare Professionals exchange and Interact through online social network

In this day and age of technology, it is inevitable that social media has become a large part of our lives. It allows us to remain connected with friends, family, colleagues and peers through online networks. Following the domination of social networking on the Internet, healthcare professionals from all spheres of the healthcare industry around the world are connecting and sharing through a dedicated site known as the Global Healthcare Network.

The visionary, Dr. Prem Jagyasi took the first step by creating a unique healthcare social networking platform few months ago, and today the network hosts over a thousand members interacting and sharing their thoughts.

“In today’s age of social networking, a great deal of information is now being traded on-line using social networks. There are many general purpose social networking sites with millions of users, but we were encouraged by healthcare professionals across the world to create a site designed especially with healthcare sector in mind.” said Dr Prem Jagyasi founder of the Network.

“Social Media is not about technological development, it’s also takes into account the sociology and psychology aspects as well. Considering humans are very social beings, these social platforms act as a tool where we can exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences—especially in the today’s busy life.” added Dr Prem Jagyasi, who is also a net-socialist and an active blogger. www.DrPrem.com

The Global healthcare network is the active online community of Healthcare Professionals, unique of its kind, which allows member to have global exposure and updates about the latest healthcare activities of the world. Members can create blogs, start discussions, join various healthcares groups and promote their services globally. There are almost 2000 Network members across all Global Healthcare Networking sites/pages including Facebook & LinkedIn.


  • Groups – Member can join an existing or create a new group. There are various group groups at GHN where members share information, discuss particular topics and interact with their peers in the same profession in different regions of world. Medical Tourism (also known as Global Healthcare, Medical Travel, Healthcare travel and Wellness Tourism) Group is most popular group where many global healthcare professional trade information on latest developments in this burgeoning sector.
  • Notes – This section provides members with the latest consumer health updates and news about current issues, advanced technology and new developments in the healthcare industry as well as the medical tourism sector. The news is presented in the form of opinions from select members.
  • Interviews – In the exclusive interview section, experts from different fields share their views, provide in depth information regarding latest trends in healthcare industry.
  • Blogs– This platform can be used to provide information and promote individual services. Members also share information about various health topics, advance technology and tools of healthcare industry.
  • Forum– A discussion board where members puts their views and discuss solutions regarding current healthcare issues.
  • Share – Members can upload photos and add videos to share more information or enhance their service promotion.
  • Events – Calendar of Global Healthcare Events updates member about the different health care events/congresses taking place globally.
  • News – The Global Healthcare is another great place to read all aggregate news at one place related to Global Healthcare Topics. All news are sourced from established media platforms and aggregated for quick updates.
  • Discounts – The Network offers special discounts to members for Global Healthcare Seminars, Events and various sponsorship opportunities.
  • SEO – The network has already demonstrated high rankings on many search engines related to posting news and updates. These are indexed and presented in search results in flash. The network updates are automatically pushed to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn page.
  • Marketing – Profile, blogs, forum/discussions, notes and comments will be updated on search engines daily and will get immediately synced with  Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and word press blog pages. This gives great opportunities for members to express themselves in global healthcare setting.
  • To know How to use Social Media Marketing in Healthcare, watch founders presentation at http://drprem.com/presentation-gallery/

Join the group now to Network, share & learn.

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