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Food items that are culprits for reducing bone density

bone density

Just as there are foods that improve the bone density, some foods reduce the bone density. One should know what those foods are and should try to avoid their intake, as they increase the risk of osteoporosis. Scroll through to get the hang of foods that you should avoid, as they pose a serious threat to your bone density:

High on sugar snacks

Well, many of you might be the ones with sweet tooth and no matter how much you hate this fact but it is true. Going overboard on sugar is bad for the bones. Proper calcium absorption is of paramount importance for the health of our bones, and excessive sugar intake hinders calcium absorption and depletes phosphorus, which is a key player in the process of calcium absorption. Doctors say a better way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth is through prunes, cranberries, and some other fruits that are loaded with antioxidants. They contain natural sugars that are not harmful and the antioxidants support the overall bone health.

Soda/ caffeinated drinks

Are you the one who likes the fizzy taste and feeling of aerated drinks, then this point would disturb you a bit. Many studies carried out to find the effect of aerated drinks on human body prove that such drinks like cola have some serious detrimental effects on our body. One study says that having more than seven colas per week reduces the bone density so much that human bones become very susceptible to fractures.

The reason behind is the presence of phosphoric acid in sodas. This acid weakens the intestines and interferes with the proper absorption of calcium, which is imperative for the bone health. Next time whenever you feel the urge to have aerated drinks, try to satisfy it with intake of fresh juices.

High-Sodium Foods

The higher the salt the higher is the sodium content in food and high sodium diet is not good for the health of our bones. The processed foods and the foods with too many condiments straightaway target the bone strengthening calcium and makes the bones weak.

Inflammatory Foods

Tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, an eggplant come under the category of inflammatory foods, and such foods are not good for our bone health. However, these foods are good in vitamins that are beneficial for body so you should not avoid them completely, but if you have severe bone trouble then you must avoid them to a certain extent.


Some foods reduce bone density in human beings. We must figure out what those foods are and should try to tailor our diet in order to avoid such foods.

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