Dealing with loose skin after weight loss

Weight loss is always welcoming, and when someone loses a good amount of weight, then the scenario is different altogether. The person feels so elated and enthusiastic as if he has won the entire world; after all, it is such a big and hard-earned achievement. However, in some cases, people do not find themselves in a situation to enjoy the joy and happiness of this big achievement because of one culprit, the loose skin. Yes, the loose skin that still gives the feeling of being flabby after a major weight loss.

Detail Of Overweight Woman

This culprit is so damn evil that it takes away the happiness one should feel after putting in such hard efforts. Not to worry much, as there are ample ways to tighten your skin after a weight loss and look stunning and gorgeous in tight fitted clothes. Click through to get the hang of such skin tightening ways:

Keep a check on your weight loss

weight loss regime

The fight against obesity is an uphill battle, and once someone gets motivated enough to lose weight then there is nothing stopping them. This is good in a way but bad in another way because some people put in extra efforts to lose weight too soon without realizing its negative effects. Dropping a lot of weight within a short interval of time is bad for the overall health and because of it, the skin sags. This happens because our skin requires some time to adjust to the changes, and if the change comes faster than the body can handle, it becomes hard for the skin to adjust and the skin loosens. Remember, for a healthy weight loss you need to invest a good amount of time, as rushing brings no good results.

Mind your water intake


Adequate water intake is of paramount importance for the health of our skin and its elasticity. Sufficient water intake makes out skin smooth, light, and tightens it. On the other hand, the lack of water intake is responsible for bad skin conditions in most of the cases. You need to drink a minimum of six glasses of water a day, if you can drink some more then nothing like it.

Tone your belly

tone your belly

Belly is the area where maximum fat is accumulated and if somebody manages to lose massive weight then the skin around belly gets loose. This is why one should learn the belly toning exercises and do them every day, or for a minimum of thrice a week. Do crunches, leg raises, side bridges, air bike, and pelvic thrusts, as all these exercises target the belly fat and tighten skin.

Restrict exposure to sun

Overexposure to sun

Sun is good and essential for the skin of human beings but too much of it is bad, as it takes away the skin elasticity. Some people are crazy for sun bathing but probably they do not know that too much of it makes the skin dry and damage the skin cells.

Limit your swimming

Balneotherapy (2)

Swimming is not too good for the skin as the chlorinated water dries the skin and damages the skin cells. Swimming for a short period is fine, do not forget to take a shower after that and apply some natural moisturizer that consists of vitamins and aloe vera.

Massage Therapy

stone massage

Many people have got back the lost elasticity of skin through massage therapy. Massage helps stimulate the blood cells, which in turn tightens the skin. In some cases people do not benefit from massage, there is still no harm getting it as it relaxes the body.


To lose weight is fine but to lose a lot of weight in a short period is not good, as it puts a negative impact on the health of the body and loosens the skin.

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