Fat smash diet

Are you looking for a trusted diet plan? If you are one those individuals then here is a solution diet for you to adopt and experience weight loss results. A new trend of smashing the unbalanced diet has emerged in order to lose weight. The diet is called Fat Smash Diet.

Fat Smash Diet

It is continued for 150 days (5months). An individual needs to go through 4 phases while following the particular diet. Fat Smash Diet enables an individual to develop healthy eating habits for lifetime.

The diet is not all about eating specific foods as exercising is strongly recommended as well. It is advised to eat 4 – 5 meals per day with a gap of 4 hours between each meal. The diet is able to act effectively when consumed in this way.

Detox Phase – It is 9 days long. An individual has to restrict its diet to vegetables and fruits only. You may steam, grill or boil the vegetables and fruits for this purpose. It will help you get on track by developing healthy eating habits. You are required to do exercise for 30 minutes daily. Drink plenty of water during these 9 days as it is the cleansing period. You must have a walk after dinner.

Foundation Phase – You are allowed to eat seafood, cereals and lean meat in this 3 weeks phase. You can increase the quantity of every meal. Take a gap of 3 hours between every meal and do exercise for at least 35 minutes.

Construction Phase
– This is a 4week long stage. Here, you are allowed to increase meal portions to a certain extent. You may include desserts, pastas, breads and other meals in the diet. Have a gap of 4 to 5 hours in every meal. You must eat only till the point you are 85% full.

Temple Phase – It is the last phase of Fat Smash Diet. It extends up to 90 days. You are allowed to eat all the restricted foods in this phase. However, you must maintain an appropriate balance between all the foods you eat. Once, you end with this phase you will see significant weight loss.

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