Anti candida diet

Do you know what Candida is? Most of you must have not heard about it before. It is a fungus that prefers a specific type of food. Candida gives most priority to sugary foods. Humans love to eat a sugary diet. Desserts, candies, juices, shakes and numerous other foods contain sugar elements in huge amount. Candida is able to set its roots in human body with intake of such a diet.

We have good news for you as Anti Candida Diet is now introduced. The diet will help eliminate Candida from your body. The diet is designed specifically to reduce the number of Candida present in human body. It also decreases the occurrence of its symptoms and pain.

Anti Candida Diet

The diet acts an agent whose responsibility is to kill the sugar and other foods that tend to become sugar in the human body. 

It's a process of elimination of unwanted Candida. The diet helps cleansing your body from harmful content. The first phase of this diet is to eliminate certain foods from your diet. You have 2 options in this regards. You may stop eating all the sugary items at once or slowly reduce the intake of these items.

By reducing the intake slowly, you may suffer from symptoms for a longer period of time. The symptoms will only disappear when your body gets 50% to 70% cleanse from Candida. For this purpose, it might take 2 or 3 weeks for the diet to cleanse the body. The major symptoms include stomach distress, irritability, fatigue and headaches.

You will feel fresh and energetic once the particular foods are out of your system. You will get to notice more health. The transformation process is quite amazing as it really works. The only problem with this diet is that it is restrictive. You may find difficulty in maintaining it. You may bring back some of the sugary foods when you are about to end with this diet.

Anti Candida Diet Foods

Excluded Foods:

Sugary Products
– Sugar and all sugar made products are banned completely. Sugar alcohols such as dextrose and fructose, sucrose and fructose corn syrup must also be excluded from your diet.

Refined Grains – White flour and all products made from it are strictly not allowed. The products include pasta and cereals. White rice and semolina must be avoided.

Fungus and Yeast – Mushrooms, beer, spirits, wine and all products made from yeast should be avoided.

Dairy – All dairy products contain lactose. Except natural yogurt and cottage cheese you must avoid all dairy products.

Stimulants – Soda, black tea, chocolate and coffee are all banned.

Included Foods:

–    Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cucumber, silver beet, zucchini, peppers, carrots, peas, fish, chicken, omega oils, seeds, nuts and celery are all allowed in Anti Candida Diet.

–    Natural yogurt, cottage cheese, lean red meat, low sugar fruits and whole grains are allowed to eat in this diet.

–    Low sugar fruits include papaya, berries, rhubarb, pear and pineapple.

Anti Candida Diet not only prevents your body from developing this disease but also keeps you healthy all over.

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