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Effective and natural ways for balancing your hormones

The importance of hormones in controlling several physical functions cannot be denied or ignored. A stress filled lifestyle and bad habits can easily lead to hormonal imbalances. When the hormonal balance in your body is lost then you may become affected by different types of physical disorders.

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In the human body, hormonal changes occur naturally during puberty, child birth, menopause and menstruation. Aging, bad eating habits, excessive weight gain, consumption of birth control pills and stress can also cause hormonal imbalance. By making some positive changes in your lifestyle you can restore the hormonal balance. There are also some natural remedies for easily correcting hormonal imbalances.

Make Vitamin D a part of your diet

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Doctors always ask their patients to consume a balanced meal which offers all types of vitamins and mineral. You should keep foods in your diet that supply Vitamin D like egg, milk, leafy vegetable Cod liver oil, and oily fishes. Vitamin D can positively influence the pituitary gland. Most of the important hormones needed for conducting physiological tasks are produced by the pituitary gland. Vitamin D reduces the effects of low estrogen levels and improves appetite and weight. Lack of Vitamin D can lead to abnormal secretion of the parathyroid hormone.

Say ‘No’ to stress

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It is next to impossible to avoid stress completely but still you must follow some steps for reducing the stress levels. Meditation is an age old technique which brings back the balance between body and mind. It relaxes the mind and gives back the energy to work. Also try practicing breathing techniques for relaxing your mind. Keep aside some time for reading, listening to songs, tending to your garden or anything that interests you. Working without taking breaks will not just tire you but also increase the stress levels unnecessarily.

Foods that can help in balancing hormones

Thyroid Gland

If you are looking for a natural remedy for correcting hormonal imbalances then there is no better food than the liver for it. Liver is one of the richest sources of vitamin A which helps in enhancing the functionalities of the thyroid gland. It also improves the functions and health of your liver so that it can process and detoxify hormones properly.

Make sure that you and your family members eat 2 to 4 servings of pasteurized liver every week. If you are suffering from estrogen imbalance then a carrot diet might help you. Carrots are a source of a special kind of fiber that helps in estrogen detoxification. You should also avoid the sugar free coke and diet junk foods as artificial sweeteners can cause hormonal imbalances.

Roots for it

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Maca root is considered to be a helpful endocrine adaptogen for restoring the balance of hormones. This root is good for enhancing fertility, reducing hypothyroidism and improving libido. It is also good for your overall health and vitality as it offers a lot of essential nutrients like fiber, iodine, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and calcium. You can mix one-fourth spoon of maca root with your herbal tea, smoothie or yogurt.

Regular physical activities

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With the advancement of technology, urban dwellers have become used to getting their work and household chores done quicker with the help of gadgets. Many lead a sedentary lifestyle. Overall physical activities are necessary for balancing the level of different hormones. Go for swimming, jogging, hiking, biking and participate in a sport that requires physical movements. This will make you fitter and also reduce hormonal imbalances.

There are several natural ways of balancing your hormones. Make changes in your dietary routine and exercise regularly. You should also reduce smoking and drinking for ensuring that the hormones are well balanced.

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